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REIT-owned retail facilities provide consumers necessity based goods and services like groceries and medicines, as well as convenient access to luxury retailers and services.


Transformative investments by REITs have helped to redefine the shopping experience to changing consumer preferences often including entertainment-based options.


During the pandemic, retailers have unveiled or enhanced innovations to support curbside pickup, order online/pick up in store, among other convenience-focused services.


Malls and shopping centers often form the center of local communities and serve as gathering places and destination points.

REITs in the Community

Bethesda Row

In Bethesda, Maryland, Federal Realty Investment Trust turned eight acres of outdated retail and office buildings into Bethesda Row – a thriving new development with shopping, restaurants and entertainment, as well as apartments and offices. In the process, it created a new urban center that has been heralded by the EPA as an example of smart growth and which helped reignite the community’s economy.

Ala Moana Center

GGP’s Ala Moana Center in Honolulu is a major tourist destination and has become a downtown and city center unto itself. One of Hawaii’s top visitor attractions with more than 42 million shopper visits every year, Ala Moana Center generates approximately $1,300 per-square-foot in annual retail sales. The center, which sits on former swampland, is the largest open-air shopping center in the world with a total gross leasable area of more than 2.1 million square feet. GGP’s multi-million dollar expansion and renovation efforts began in early 2013, and the company continues improving and expanding the property.

REIT-Owned Malls By State

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REIT-Owned Malls By State
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A Diverse PortfolioTypes of Net-Lease REIT Property Tenants in the U.S.

*Services include Fedex, realtor, other
**Other includes Auto dealers/auto parts & supplies/tractors and farm equipment; groceries; gas stations; banks; convenience stores. Source: 3

Shopping is a fundamental part of the American economy. Whether it is a necessity like picking up something for dinner or buying the latest video game for your child, REITs own a wide range of retail-focused properties. And because REITs allow everyday Americans to invest in valuable real estate, the last store you shopped in might also be an investment in your portfolio.