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With the aging population in this country, REITs provide a lot of the real estate necessary to keep up with health care demand.


REITs provide state-of-the-art facilities researchers need to focus on innovations.


REITs offer necessary housing for America’s seniors, across a wide range of care needs.

REITs in the Community

Alexandria Center® for Science and Technology

In San Francisco, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. redeveloped historical railroad yards in the Mission Bay area into a dynamic life science office and laboratory campus.

Coldspring Transitional Care Center

LTC Properties, Inc. (NYSE:LTC) owns and financed the development of a much-needed post-acute care center targeting the greater Cincinnati metropolitan area. Located in Cold Spring, Kentucky, Coldspring Transitional Care Center is a state-of-the-art, 143-bed center focused on rehabilitative and nursing care. The campus brings together translational researchers, clinicians, and the private sector to accelerate the translation of discoveries into treatments and cures for patients.

In addition to providing dozens of jobs during the construction phase, Coldspring Transitional Care Center’s annual payroll is expected to exceed $6 million and the company employs over 150 team members.

U.S. Aging Population

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*Other includes Outpatient, Psychiatric and Rehabilitation Source: 3

REITs provide the necessary medical facilities for the health care needs of everyone from newborns to seniors. And because REITs provide everyday Americans with the opportunity to invest in valuable real estate, that doctor’s office where you had your last physical might also be an investment in your portfolio.