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Why REITs help a growing number of Americans find the right place to live

What is a REIT?
What is a REIT?
A REIT, or Real Estate Investment Trust, is a company that owns, operates or finances income-producing real estate. Established by Congress in 1960 and modeled after mutual funds, REITs provide Americans the chance to own valuable real estate, present the opportunity to access dividend-based income and total returns, and help communities grow, thrive and revitalize.

Learn how REITs make you right at home

Residential REITs

Renters, including students and seniors, all have many options when it comes to meeting their housing needs. Regardless of a person's desired living situation, REITs own and finance a wide array of residential properties to meet those needs.

From apartments and single-family home rentals, to student housing and senior living facilities, REITs can provide the perfect location to call home.


1. Student housing

REITs help provide the capital necessary to many universities across the country to meet their student housing demand so the universities can focus their capital on education.

Did you know?

Student Housing REITs own 186 residence facilities.

Manzanita Hall at Arizona State University

Manzanita Hall at
Arizona State


Student Housing Potential:

6.1 million students at 4-year public flagship institutions with enrollment exceeding 15,000 students who need housing.

  • 5.7 million potential student tenants
  • Students currently housed in a facility owned by a REIT or private capital.

2. Apartments

Whether it is young adults fresh out of college or empty nesters downsizing their lifestyle, residential REITs offer an apartment option to meet every need.

Did you know?

Residential REITs own nearly 4,000 apartment buildings accounting for 1,000,000+ units.


Rent vs Own by Age

In Millions of Households

  • Renter-Occupied Households
  • Owner-Occupied Households
Photos of Apartments

Photos of


3. Single Family Rental Homes

A growing number of families are opting to rent a single-family home or manufactured home as opposed to purchasing one.

Did you know?

REITs own 133,000+ single-family homes for rent and nearly 1,060 manufactured housing units across the country.

Photos of Single Family Homes

Photos of
Single Family


Single Family Homes in 2019

  • Built1.25M
  • Sold6.02M
  • Rented14.5M

Mortgage REITs

Did you know?

REITs helped finance an estimated 2.8 million homes in the U.S.


Did you know?

REITs own nearly 17 million acres of U.S. timberlands and provide much of the lumber for construction around the world.

Photos of Timberland

Photos of


4. Senior Housing

REITs help provide a range of housing options complete with a variety of care options for the growing elderly population in America.

Did you know?

REITs own 2,100+ assisted-living facilities across the U.S.

Senior Living Facilities

Senior Living


The Aging Population

Percent Growth from 2015 to 2060